Electronic Security

Nationwide’s car park management has completed the installation and commissioning of yet another ANPR site this month, meaning we are now operating more ANPR parking systems than at any other point in our company’s history.

We believe this success can be explained in two ways:

  • The increase in vehicles on the road along with a finite number of parking spaces in the country means parking is at a premium.  Therefore, 24/7 monitoring and protection is eclipsing the manned patrol officer route commonplace in the past.  Whilst patrol officers are still important to work with these ANPR systems and are more suitable on certain types of sites, the constant wage-free monitoring of cameras offers a cost-effective solution for our customers’ needs;
  • We believe our experience throughout the UK and our team of experienced engineers on the ground help us cover these needs for our existing client base and have helped us develop new relationships.

We look forward to continuing this progression into more and more digital enforcement installations.