After a meeting with the Environment Agency, Dave Clarke from our Norfolk Division realised how little most of us understand about flood and coastal erosion management.  Last year the Norfolk region was on high alert for the risk of flooding but many residents refused to leave their homes, being protective of their property and possessions.  If you live on the coast or near a river, the Environment Agency recommends registering with them on to ensure you get a text message in plenty of time if your home is at risk. 

Here at Nationwide we can do our bit to help with the things the Environment Agency can’t:  our wireless alarm system can provide text alerts if water is detected at floor level in your home caused by, for example, a faulty appliance or burst pipe.  It’s not going to stop a water leak but at least you’ll know there is a problem that needs urgent attention. 

The system can offer these features too: 

  • Protection from other threats such as fire, smoke, gas and CO leaks, and methane gas (CH4, used for cooking and heating);
  • Extreme heat, extreme cold, freezer fault;
  • Low battery notifications. 

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