Anyone would agree that being involved in a fire is a scary thought.  In the home, place of work or in any situation it is dangerous, unpredictable, a killer.  It is paramount that we do as much as we can to prevent fire taking control.

We all know the importance of fire safety but if the unthinkable happens, do you have safeguards in place to try and eliminate the danger?  Just to name a few …

  • Escape routes (always have a plan of action)
  • Prevention, compliance, and knowledge
  • Fire training
  • Adequate risk assessment

Legally you MUST comply in the workplace.  For further information go to

At Nationwide Security we have now opened our fire alarm department, operating from our Norfolk office.  We have the qualifications and knowledge to provide you with the equipment and expertise to comply with current regulations, in order to protect yourself, your family and your workforce.

We are able to provide design, commissioning, installation, and servicing.  Full surveys, quotations, and advice are available from us for both residential and commercial spaces, so please put your minds at ease and do all that you can to prevent and protect.  Let our shield be your protection.

For further information please call 01953 665430 or 03333 209 712.