Our control room responded to intruders on an Essex construction site last month.

The incident occurred in the early evening and within minutes 5 intruders had breached the site and were monitored driving off in a telehandler.

Upon the initial activation from our remotely monitored CCTV system, our control room operators immediately contacted the police, dispatched one of our mobile inspectors as well the site management.

Whilst on the phone to the project manager, the project manager sighted the stolen plant being driven along the main road! Using the crime reference number obtained by our control room operator, the police were quick to despatch officers.

Within the hour, we despatched an on-call engineer to download the footage on site ready for the police and deployed a security officer to secure the site overnight as well as one of our senior inspectors.

The swift response from our control room and all involved resulted in the driver being apprehended and the plant being safety recovered by the police.