Theft from construction sites can be an expensive problem, whether it’s the gradual cost of small-item theft and petty thieving by opportunists passing your site or theft of larger items as a result of break-ins and robbery.

When you consider the costs and insurance premiums, as well as the Health and Safety aspect if a member of the public is injured as a result of items stolen from your site (such as being crashed into by stolen plant vehicles or hit by an item rendered unsafe following a break-in), it’s easy to see why the appropriate security for your site can pay for itself.

The bottom line for construction site security isn’t about asking what security measures you can afford to implement, it’s about asking what you can afford to lose as, in the majority of cases, the cost of fit-for-purpose site security is quickly regained through reduction in thefts, insurance claims, and premiums and in retaining a good reputation for prioritising your employees’ and the public’s safety.

Nationwide Security can secure your site with the best method available after we carry out a risk assessment and give solutions that fit the site’s needs and costs.

Call us today if you are considering options or you have an ongoing security issue that needs addressing, and with the Easter break upon us don’t forget to book your security cover.  Our Sales Team is available on 03333 209 712.