What is Intelligent Video Analytics?

Intelligent Video Analytics software was created to help users monitor and analyse surveillance videos more efficiently.  Intelligent Video Analytics can help you find the footage that you may miss if you have to go through hours of video.

Nationwide CCTV Services use Video Analytics software from GeoVision.  The Video Analytics monitor can analyse surveillance video to warn users of possible threats.  GeoVision-VMS comes with a variety of Intelligent Video Analytics to offer precise monitoring and to reduce the need for manual supervision.

How Nationwide CCTV Services can help protect you, your property and business?

Video Analytics can be deployed and used in various different solutions.  For example, GeoVision Video Analytics has been used in Banks, Supermarkets and Government Buildings.  The benefits of using Video Analytics are that they can reduce the human error caused by distraction and reduce video event search time.

Nationwide CCTV Services have been providing Video Analytics to our clients free of charge and will include this as a standard in every CCTV install.

Every CCTV system we install is bespoke, as all clients have different needs.  For example, object tracking has been used in Care Homes. We have used Perimeter detection in place of PIR Detectors and this has reduced the cost for the client while also providing a more precise alert, which reduces false alarms received in our in-house control room.  For one of our clients, we have used the Missing Object Detection function, which has proved invaluable as they can keep track of high-value products when the warehouse is closed.

Video Analytics available are:

Future Applications

Using face recognition and detection Analytics, combining Human Body and Facial Characteristics, we will be able to provide search options for Sex and Age. These options can be used for data mining for marketing purposes when combined with POS or People Counting.  Suspicious human behaviour can also be quickly filtered, by searching for particular clothing, sex, age, and movement direction.  Vehicle-related Analytics can be used in city surveillance scenarios to increase operational efficiency.

If you would like to find out more information on how Nationwide CCTV Services can help you secure your home or business, please call a member of our sales team on 03333 209 712.