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Paxton Access Control Systems by Nationwide Security

At Nationwide Security, we are committed to providing only the most exceptional security solutions. It is with pride that we supply Paxton Access Control Systems, a leading name in the security industry, designed and manufactured right here in the United Kingdom.

All-Encompassing Security and Adaptability

We offer Paxton's comprehensive Paxton10 series, merging video management and access control into a single, seamless platform. This integrated approach simplifies your site management while enhancing its security. Our selection also includes Paxton's versatile range of cameras, from the high-end Professional series to the cost-effective Core series, designed to adapt to your evolving security needs.

User-Friendly Software for Complete Site Management

We provide Paxton's Net2 software, renowned for its intuitive interface and advanced functionalities. This software enables centralised administration and integrates seamlessly with third-party readers. When you choose Nationwide Security, you are not just selecting a product; you are investing in a top-tier security solution that assures reliability and adaptability.


Access Control Systems Across All Sectors

Mobile patrols and manned offices ensure asset protection and trespasser deterrence, enhancing safety throughout construction projects.

Construction Security

We collaborate with organisations to cover all aspects of security within their maintenance operations, ensuring a safe environment.

Facilities Management

Our specialised security measures aim to protect patients, staff and visitors in healthcare settings, including hospitals and clinics.


From concierge staff to doormen, we offer comprehensive security services tailored for the hospitality sector, serving as both customer liaison and security.


We deliver a wide array of security services across the entire private sector, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse needs.

Private Sector

Our nationwide services offer robust security solutions for property owners, ranging from surveillance to on-site patrols.

Property Services

Our security services are designed to meet the unique requirements of public sector organizations, ensuring safety and compliance.

Public Sector

With a proven track record, we offer retail security solutions that effectively deter theft and ensure a safe shopping environment.

Retail Security

Other Security Services

At Nationwide Security, we prioritise your safety with our top-tier services. From highly trained security guards to cutting-edge CCTV systems, our comprehensive offerings are designed to meet your unique needs. Experience unmatched security and peace of mind with our 24/7 support.

Security Guards

Our manned guarding is designed to maintain a secure presence, covering every facet of your premises.

K9 Security

With our combination of trained canines and certified handlers, we offer unparalleled security solutions.

Vacant Property Management

Our focus is not just on maintaining these empty spaces but actively managing them to preserve their value.

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